My professional expertise is in cinematography/videography. I mainly work on local and national documentaries, news programs, commercials, reality television, events, and short narratives.

Some of my collaborations have included CNBC, 60 Second Docs, Hearst Media, and Now This News. I am familiar with various camera setups, such as the Arri, Red, Canon, Sony, and Blackmagic. My prior job skills extend to office management, as well as casting for major television and film productions. 

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“Matt was a great shooter and showed himself willing to go the extra mile to make sure we got the footage we needed. Very friendly and a team player.” –– Zachary Green, MSNBC

Client List: 

Pretty Spooky Productions
Hurst Media
Now This News
60 Second Docs
New Orleans Civic Symphony
Arts District of New Orleans
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 
Callan Contemporary

Soren Christensen Gallery
LeMieux Galleries
Octavia Art Gallery
Boyd Satellite Gallery 

Brand Gallery 
Pythian Market
Dusty Record