Matthew Paul Spriggs was born and raised in New Orleans. He has spent years working in the film industry for both large and small productions at all levels, from assistant, to screenwriting, producing, casting, and directing.  

Our company, Matthew Spriggs Production, can produce high quality professional videos for a wide variety of small or large events, including weddings, personal resumes, client interviews, and business and real estate commercials as well as documentaries, music videos, and instructional films. We understand your visual needs and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our rates are flexible and extraordinarily affordable. For more information on rates, please refer to our Contact page. 

Client List: 

Arts District of New Orleans
Boyd Satellite Gallery 
Brand Gallery 
Callan Contemporary 
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery 
LeMieux Galleries 
New Orleans Civic Symphony
Octavia Art Gallery
Dusty Record
Pythian Market
Soren Christensen Gallery